Saturday, 18 January 2020

The lost island, Story of Lewis and trying to survive (Chapter 3 Episode 1: Trying to survive)

Chapter 3: Trying to survive

After I (Lewis) drown in the ocean and a dolphin helped me and carried me to the beach of the island, I saw him jumping and singing in front of me, so I turned around and saw a lot of trees and sand, I was sitting down and I tried to open my bag again and ate some wet food, and drank half a bottle of water.

I watched my watch and it was 10 AM, my leg was hurting me a lot I looked at it, there was something like a worm, it was sucking my blood, I opened my bag quickly and took a handkerchief then I took the worm and threw it away from me but the handkerchief was wet too.

Lost island
Lost island
There was a lot of blood but I wiped all the blood, I tried to stand and my leg was good, so I went around to look for some food and water, I was having 2 bottles of water, I was very sad because I remembered the plane when it was falling on fire, I tried to forget that but I couldn't.

I wished that I could see one of my friends (Mike, Jony, and Jack), I tried to go in the big forest when I was in the big forest I saw a lot of insects and nasty things, I run more and more for 5 min, I saw a mountain and a small river with some waterfalls.

Mountain river
A mountain with a small river
At this moment, I was thinking, That if there was a river, this means that there are some plants, I was feeling good, so I ran more to see what was there, I saw some mushrooms, I got a lot of them and ate some, then I felt bad and I was falling down, I slept again, I was feeling like why my luck is bad like this.

Red mushroom

I woke up in a strange place, that place was full of mushrooms and the sky only, Someone said to me: Wake up, Lewis Wake up! Did you forget yourself? you are a big scientist, How can you eat a poisonous mushroom?

A lot of mushrooms
Mushroom dream
I watched my watch, It was 99:99 AM and PM, I was very confused, I looked in front of me, I saw a big mushroom was hitting my face, I woke up, It was a dream, the time was 2 P.M. I saw a campfire and someone was trying to hit me, I got up quickly, and said to him: What is the wrong with you? then he looked at me and said to me: Lewis!,  he was Mike, my friend.

Episode 2 is available now!

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