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The lost island, Story of Lewis (Chapter 4:The Monster, Episode 2: A day after the accident)

Chapter 4: The Monster, Episode 2: A day after the accident.

After I had been attacked by a big wolf, and I had been injured, my clothes were cut from the back, then I went to sleep, it was 3:30 AM, I woke up at 6 AM, everyone was awake, and they were all looking at me, I was confused, Mike said to me: "what happened to your back?", I was attacked by a wolf & my back hurt me.

I told them what happened to me in the forest, Mike said to me: "So let me cleanse this wound for you", Mike cleansed the wound that was on my back, I thanked him, So, we should get wood, we should make a new campfire and two small houses, every house should be for 4 people".

Wooden house
A small house
Everyone started to cut a lot of trees, I said: "who will get a lot of wood, He will take three fish instead of two", I tried to get a lot of wood from many types of trees, I got bamboo and hardwood tree for building, I got some sticks for the campfire, I cut more than 8 trees, I took some potatoes from the ground. After everyone had finished, It was 11 AM.

A campfire
A campfire
We had a rest for an hour, I cooked some potatoes and I left some potatoes for another time, we all ate and had fun, we started to work, I went to the campfire to place the wood on it and made it warm us at night, Mike was the most one got wood because he was strong and fast at his work everyone got 2 fish but Mike got 3 fish, we still have 20 fish.

Fish is a good source of food
Fish is very important for your health
Everyone went to build but I went to cook all the fish, I was cooking 15 fish, I thought cooking will be very fun after I had finished cooking all the fish, it was 3 PM, I went to Mike and the others, I saw a small house only, they were very tired from building, they did their work well.

I told them that the lunch was ready, everyone came to eat, they were having fun and they were saying that the food that I made was very delicious, I made a new friend, his name was"Robert",  he said to me that the food that I made was very delicious.

We all went to continue building, so, It was 4 PM, I was trying to build faster and stronger after we finished building the two houses, It was 9 PM, I hoped that I didn't see the wolf that I saw from some hours ago.

I moved through the forest and I saw someone, he was away from me, he was scary and creepy, I moved towards him then I saw his face, he was Jack, I said to him: "Is that you, Jack?". 
  • Lewis: "Did you forgot me?"
  • Jack: Lewis? "where are the other people?"
  • Lewis: "Can you come with me?"
  • Jack: No, I can't just only, I can't
  • Lewis: Why? Are you afraid of something?
  • Jack: Yes, I'm afraid of the wolf, it attacked me yesterday.
  • Lewis: Don't be afraid like that, that wolf is scared of light, but now, Where is my flashlight? Do you have a flashlight?
  • Jack: yes, but it has a low battery 5%
  • Lewis: It's good, but stay behind me all the time, Ok?
  • Jack: Ok.
  • Lewis: I heard that you had been burnt on the fire, is that true?
  • Jack: No, he was someone looks like me exactly.
  • Lewis: Do you have your gun?
  • Jack: I still have it with 18 shots
  • Lewis: Good but don't shoot.
We started to walk through the trees hoping that the wolf wouldn't come, I was having the flashlight, and Jack was having his gun, I always flash the light on the trees to make sure the wolf doesn't come and hit me again, we walked more until we saw the gray hair through the trees

This time the wolf didn't attack us, it looked at us with its glowing eyes, I didn't flash on its eyes, it was looking at us for a long time until I flashed the light on its eyes, It made the loud noise again and ran away from us and the flashlight battery was 3%.

Black flashlight
You must use a flashlight in the dark
I said to Jack: "Run fast before it comes again", we ran and ran until we saw the campsite, the campsite was away from us, we went to the campsite and the flashlight battery was 0%, I saw Mike and the others were attacked by the wolf, Jack shot the wolf fast, I ran with the flashlight to the camps and took some batteries, and I put the batteries in the flashlight.

Mike was next to me, he was on the ground, his leg was hurting him very much, he said to me: "Hey Lewis are you stupid?". I said to him: "No I'm not, look at me", the wolf was on the ground, it stood up and it was running at Jack, I ran fast and hit the wolf in its back, It fell on the ground very hard, Jack ran to shoot the wolf, Jack shot the wolf 3 shots, but the wolf didn't die.

It couldn't move and started to make a weird sound, I flashed the flashlight in its eyes, for a long time and the wolf started to make a very loud noise and it started to sleep, I was confused that the wolf didn't die.

The time was 11 PM, I said to everyone: take that wolf to a place that the sun is directly shining on, everyone saw Jack, they thought that Jack died on the fire, so they started to talk to him and they were happy, I said to myself: "I will not forget that heroic day, that I cooked 15 fish once, I found my friend Jack, we killed the big wolf".

Chapter 5 coming soon

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