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The lost island, Story of Lewis and the unknown island (Chapter 2: The unknown island)

Chapter 2: The unknown island

After I (Lewis) jumped from the plane, my parachute was on fire and I didn't know where am I, In this time I was opening my bag but it was very hard to open it because it was wet, A lot of things was in my bag such as a compass, some food, three bottles of water and more.

I opened my bag finally then I got my compass, I tried to see where is the north and where is the south, then I went to the south because the science airport was in the south, so I swam and swam until I saw something there, I saw a big flat piece of metal, then I jumped on it and ate some wet food, and drank half a bottle.

Heavy ocean
The ocean

I tried to make anything in the ocean like trying to see any island, anyone or something, so I jumped again to the ocean after one hour from the accident of the plane, so it was 8 AM, the accident of the plane was 7 AM, we started to fly at 6:30 AM, I started to swim again after a little break, I swam for 20 minutes, then I saw something, and it was far away.

The lost island
The lost island

I saw an island, I was very happy, thirsty, hungry and tired, but what should I do? I was away from it and I'm very tired, I swam more and more, I swam for another 10 minutes, the distance between me and the island was 0.25 km after that I lost the hope and I stopped swimming, then I said to myself "I will die".

The dark ocean
In the deep of the ocean

I looked everywhere and I couldn't see anything I felt that I will sleep and my eyes started to close and close, I saw something was coming to my direction, I slept and I was drowning, At this moment everything was dark, I woke up and watched my watch, It was 9 AM, I saw something carrying me to the island, and it was very fast.

Dolphin is the hero of the sea
Dolphins help people

I opened my eyes more, then I saw it, It was a dolphin I know that dolphins help people a lot, Then the dolphin put me in front of the beach and I moved to the sand and saw the dolphin was singing and jumping in front of me, that means dolphins like help people, there were a lot of dolphins with this dolphin, and they went to the north direction, I was very happy, that I didn't die, next time I will not lose my hope.

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