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The lost island, Story of Lewis and trying to survive (Chapter 3 Episode 2: Trying to survive with Mike)

Chapter 3, Episode 2: Trying to survive with Mike

After I ate the poisonous mushroom and slept for more than three hours, then I saw my best friend, Mike, I said to him: Hey Mike how are you and how did you come on that island?, I was so confused that I met him.

Lost island
Lost island

Mike was trying to answer or say something but he was looking down like he was scared or sad about something, he said: Look.,then I looked, I said to him: where to look? I was scared of him Like there was something bad happened. 

trying to survive
I shouted at him and said: Mike say anything don't stay like this, standing only like a rock !!! he didn't say anything and started to walk and said again: Look! I was very confused, there were only bushes, he looked at the bushes then I understood him, I walked through the bushes, It was a bad thing that I saw.

I saw the plane was on fire and five people were with Mike, that means that we were seven, I said to Mike: "Where are the two twins (Jony & Jack)?", Mike didn't say anything, and I waited for him to tell me, he took a long breath and started to talk, he said: "I didn't know where was Jony, but I saw Jack was dying in front of me, he was on fire, and he jumped in the water, then he died. 

Plane on fire
Plane on fire
I looked at Mike and said to him that means there were only us. he said: yes. I was very sad, I sat down in a tent, there were 5 tents, every tent was for 2 people, I was with Mike in my tent, we were speaking to each other like we were speaking for the first time because we were all sad about the 23 people lost in the ocean, before the accident we were 30, and at this moment we were only 7.

I said to Mike: Man, what happened to you after the accident?, he took a long breath again and said: when I jumped from the plane, I opened my parachute and I fell on the trees, I slept for 10 minutes and it was 7 AM, I started to see if anyone was on the island, then I saw five only and you, so the other people are dead.

Camping can make you feel good

After it was 5 PM, Mike said to me: "let's go fishing", I said to him: "Where can we go fishing?", he said: At the lake. After I went with him, we went fishing for like three hours, It was fun, we got a lot of fish, 42 fish that means "everyone will take 2 fish every day", but I took one only because I ate in the morning some food.

It was 8 PM and everyone started to cook their fish but all took one fish only, at this moment we had only 35 fish, so we ate fish and had fun, the time was 9 PM, I said to everyone: "I have an Idea", "Let's go to sleep and tomorrow we will get some wood and we will explore this island".

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