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The lost island, Story of Lewis and trying to survive (Chapter 4:The Monster.Episode 1: Running alone in the forest)

Chapter 4: The Monster

After I saw Mike, and I talked to him, At this moment we ate fish, and I said: "let's go to sleep and tomorrow we will get some wood", so everyone slept and it was 10 PM, we left the fire burning to warm us, so, I woke up at 2 AM on a noise in the woods.

Lost island
Lost island

Episode 1: Running alone in the forest

I tried to flash the light on the trees, there was nothing, then I heard that sound again, that sound was like wolf's and bear's sound at the same time, I picked my knife and started to walk across the woods, I heard a sound of moving trees, I said: "that is the wind only, but I want to know what is that loud sound".
Flashing on the trees
I saw something like some hair through the trees and I grabbed a rock and threw it at the hair, I heard a loud wolf noise, It turned around and I saw its face, it was horrible, I was very scared, It had red glowing eyes, long legs, and dark gray hair.
The Wolf
A big wolf attacked lewis
I started to run very fast, that wolf was very big and faster than me, it hit me very hard, my back was hurting me very much, I didn't stop, I continued running but the wolf hit me again, I learned from the past that I wouldn't lose the hope again, I continued running again, and it hit me again, I fell on the ground very hard, and my clothes from the back was cut.

I looked straight to the wolf's eyes, It wanted to hit me very hard, but I flashed my flashlight directly into its eyes, and it made a loud noise, so I stapped the wolf very hard, then it ran away from me and its eyes were burning, I stood up fast and ran more to lose the wolf, I tried to call Mike with my radio but there was no signal and it was 3 AM.

Lewis was alone at 3 AM
I was scared, and I started to think about the wolf, I said to myself "I think that wolf doesn't come in the morning because it hates the light", and when I flashed my flashlight into its eyes it made a loud noise and not because I stapped the wolf with my knife".

I started to walk into the campsite, I arrived into it, it was 3:30 AM and slept in the tent with Mike, I said to myself: "I'll let them sleep and I will go to sleep, then I will tell them this story when I get up in the next day.

Episode 2 is available now!

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